Why You Need To Buy a Percolator Bong

Everyone has a difference preference when it comes to their choice of medium for marijuana consumption. Some people prefer blunts, others may hit vaporizers and some opt for bongs. Now amongst these already existent categories comes another one known as percolator bongs. Their use is now slowly increasing, whilst in the beginning it was only used by people starting out, it is slowly becoming popular amongst veteran users as well. You can visit www.headshopheadquarters.com for more information on some of the best percolator bongs.

If you are new to the scene, you are probably unaware of what percolator bongs are to begin with. Well, percolator bombs are an additional component to your bong that acts as a water chamber. There are a number of reasons why more people should switch to percolator bongs and we will be discussing this below.

Percolator bongs are actually healthier for you. This is because this additional water chamber acts a filter which helps filter out majority of toxins and harmful carcinogens that might be present in the marijuana that you are smoking.

Next, comes the fact that percolator bongs allow for a smoother hit and thicker smoke as well. The percolator bong allows the smoke to pass through the ‘water chamber’ where the smoke goes through the water in the form of air bubbles, effectively cooling it down before it goes up the tube and is inhaled. This process makes it easier to inhale the smoke without it irritating our lungs, hence a smoother hit.

A percolator has many designs ranging from just 2 arms up to multiple arms or ‘tree percolators,’ and the more arms in the percolator, the better the diffusion, hence the smoother the hit, enhancing your overall experience. Hence, tree percolators are considered to be amongst the best percolator bongs choice amongst users.