The Big Question; Does Having Longer Lashes Give More Appeal to Women?

A lot of women who are concerned about their outer level of beauty as they grow more and more self-conscious worry about their eyelashes and whether they matter or not in terms of how physically attractive they look not just to the opposite sex but also to themselves.

The Effects
It is completely untrue to say that there are no effects or correlations between the 2 as there are quite a few reasons why this effect takes place amongst women. A lot of women take very seriously about how big and thick their eyelashes are. I know this because I am a man who naturally has long eye lashes and a lot of women have said, jokingly, things like they want to pluck my eyelashes and put it on themselves or how lucky I am to have such long lashes or how I have every girl’s dream lashes.

Another way longer eyelashes make their way to women’s appeal is through self-esteem levels and issues. A lot of women with longer eyelashes tend to show higher levels of self-esteem and confidence as well. They tend to take more initiative and are more participative in outgoing events and jobs.

Beauty Measures
To be honest, the answer to the question, “does having longer lashes give more appeal to women?” is yes, having longer eyelashes does give more appeal to women as it has been beautified by our society, in almost every culture. A lot of people give compliments to those with longer eye lashes and all the beauty pageants or even cartoons and other celebrities pose to have longer eyelashes which is what makes them sexy and flirtatious. So it is safe to say that it definitely does matter. However, whether it should or not is a completely new ballgame for this sort of debate of eyelashes.