Premises Liability Lawyer

It is very important that people understand all the rights that they have and the multiple different laws that are there to protect their rights and also to grant them some help when those rights are impeached upon. One such law is the premises liability law, which is also commonly known as the slip and fall law. Now what the premises liability law or the slip and fall law give you is the right to be protected when not on your own property or when on the property of someone else. What the law essentially says is that the owner of the property is legally bound to offer you and everyone else on their property a level of protection from harm caused by negligence. The owner has to take steps to make sure that the environment is not unsafe to people who are inside his building or on his property, and if there is something that is an obstacle then it should be made clear that the area is dangerous. If the owner has not provided a proper amount of safety and you or anyone else gets hurt then you can file a slip and fall lawsuit. The owner or the insurance company that represents and covers the owner will have to pay you an amount that will adequately suffice as the necessary damages that they owe you.

However in many cases the insurance companies do not follow through with this law properly and do whatever they can to give the lowest possible sum to the victim. In such situations you need a premises liability lawyer like Christopher Der Manuelian who has experience working for the insurance companies but now represents the victims of the incidents. A lawyer like Christopher knows the ins and outs of the oppositions tactics and is bound to help you win a fair and justified amount.