Play Pokémon Go at Your Home

Pokémon Go created a new craze among the youth especially the millennial who were used to watching this Japanese cartoon series. The game forced them to get outside and turn their smartphones into a mirror view of the virtual Pokémon world. By using the camera and GPS of their phones people are able to transform their local parks and bus stops into an augmented reality where you can run into cute little Pokémon characters anytime and own them if you win the battle. Pokémon Go was officially released in US and most European countries while the Pokémon fans from all over the world felt left out. Even after managing to get hacks of the game to run in their country people were not able to maneuver through the Pokémon map in their cities due to change of location. Now there are some ways you can enjoy the game while sitting at home and the most efficient way is through the TutuApp.

TutuApp is a Chinese play store from where people can download paid apps for free and many of those apps have special features enabled in them. The same goes for Pokémon Go which is available with a built-in on-screen joystick which the users can navigate through the virtual world while sitting at their homes.

In order to get the joystick features in Pokémon Go first you need to go into settings and tap on the Unknown Sources option that would enable you download apps which are not available in Play Store. After doing that you have to open the TutuApp and search for Pokémon Go. The game that is available there already has joystick features in it. If you want get tutuapp for android you can download it from the safest website