Mountain Design

Mountain bikes are fantastic things that can be used for all sorts of off-road purposes. To be short, the abbreviation of a mountain bike is simply “MTB”. If you were hoping to get a hold of some of 2017’s 10 best mtb brands then you came to the right place. has got what you need as they have done research on all the different varieties of brands and what each one has got to offer as well as the perks, pros and cons of them.

The several types of mountain bikes out there focus on various things between specifically off-road purposes to some in-city cruising as well. Through that, there are well up to 4 distinctive designs of these mountain bikes that focus on several aspects and the bike that is best suited to your riding style is the kind of bike you would want to buy. The designs differ mostly in their different suspension formats.

The first form is the rigid format, this configuration is basically as the name itself implies as there are no suspensions present, neither in the front nor rear end. It is indeed a hardtail with a rigid fork. The next form of mountain bikes are those of the hard tail itself. These particular bikes support a rigid frame but also come equipped with a suspension fork.

The third form would be those of the soft tail design. These bikes possess no suspension just like that of the rigid format but the overall flexibility of the bike is improved to be capable of absorbing small bumps on the road. The design of bikes like these more often than not, found in road bikes than in mountain bikes. Finally, there is the full suspension, otherwise known as dual suspension, in which the bike contains front and rear suspension.