Make Your Home Dementia Friendly

Dealing with any chronic disease is never easy, dementia is a mental illness that slowly and gradually degrades an affected individual’s ability to think, reason and remember, it has no proper cure due to the fact that it consists of numerous brain related problems that plague an individual at the same time. A person suffering from dementia is bound to have a hard time by themselves and needs constant care and guidance in order to make sure that they don’t become a danger for themselves. Dementia cannot be cured but its effects can be kept to a minimum by help the victim remember, this can be done through various mental exercises and activities that are designed to stimulate the brain and slow down the progress of dementia.

One of the best ways to help a person suffering from dementia to adapt to their illness and lead a normal life is to make their surroundings dementia friendly, this can be done by making use of items designed with people effect by dementia kept in mind. You can find a wide variety of dementia friendly products at dementia clocks, an online store that dedicates itself to helping people cope with dementia, the store has numerous items, including dementia clocks which tell time in a detailed manner, making it easier to keep track of.

The store also provides communication aides that make it easier for people with dementia to interact with people around them, these aides also provide activities through which remembering exercises can be carried out. You can also find plenty of information about how to cope with dementia over there, in order to find out more and learn how you can help a loved one lead a normal life, visit the online store and get in touch with them.