How Do We Know They Are Going To Move Our Grand Piano Professionally?

There are many piano lovers in San Diego out there. Ergo, there are many piano movers as well. However, there are also many unskilled laborers who are looking for an opportunity to earn some green paper bills. And you need to be careful when hiring a piano mover San Diego as to who you should choose.

Do They Come With a Label on Their Foreheads?
Well, an easy way to detect an inexperienced piano mover would be to ask for what kind of gears are they equipped with to move your beloved piano. If they mention something along these lines of description then you can be rest assured that they are professionals:

  1. A 4 wheeled piano dolly. It looks something like a trolley but is design specifically to carry a piano and make it mobile in order for it to move without the chances of dropping it or scratching it against the floor.
  2. Make sure they have a padded mover’s cover to cover up your piano to save it from any collision scratch-marks when moving the instrument. If the cover is not padded and is made out of pure cloth, it is not about how professional the movers promise to be but there can’t be any risks taken.
  3. It is better if they have a piano moving skid for the specific size of your piano. These skids are best for safety having clamps and straps to keep your piano locked down while moving so it doesn’t slide off to anywhere and handles so it puts less pressure on the movers and gives them more focus. Also, takes off risks of scrubbing off corners of the   piano.

Companies with such equipment, for example, piano movers San Diego, are the ones you can easily put your trust in.