Gramercy Bar And Kitchen

Many high end restaurants and bars try to establish an air of classiness by having their customers follow dress codes and by providing an overly formal environment to sit in, while this kind of a set up can be nice at certain times, it can also become bothersome for people who simply wish to enjoy quality food and drink without any hassle. If you’re looking to enjoy some of the best food and drinks in central Perth then Gramercy Bar and kitchen is the place to be, situated in a building previously owned by one of the most renowned restaurants in Perth, this restaurant and bar has everything that it can need to provide people with a great time.

If you’re enjoying a night out with your friends or simply wish to unwind after a long day at work, Gramercy can provide you with a number of fine drinks, ranging from locally prepared brews to fancy and exotic drinks. They’re known for having the most classy cocktail bar Perth has to offer, operated by an experienced and courteous staff that makes sure you have a good time. The restaurant also has a variety of dishes that can be enjoyed in their premium yet relaxing venue, you can order bar snacks to go along with your drinks, sate your appetite with an appetizer or two or have an entire gourmet meal over there.

Gramercy accepts walk-in customers, but it’s better to make reservations beforehand if you plan on visiting them on Fridays, the restaurant also hosts functions and events in their establishment. Gramercy Bar and Kitchen’s ability to provide people with high end cuisine in an informal and fun environment sets them apart, you can visit their webpage to take a look at what they have to offer.