Different Kinds of Woodworking

For people who are not aware, woodworking is a set of skills or craft that enables people to make things out of wood. Not only is it fun but also makes the time pass by a lot quicker. Not to mention the cathartic properties of this particular skill. Similarly there is another skill that is known as woodturning, quite similar to woodworking but there are a few tools that differ so you should always look up wood turning tools you should have, if you are interested in that. However, he we will be talking about the types of woodworking, they are mainly categorized in two types i.e. precision woodworking and production woodworking. Precision woodworking, as the name already suggests deals with the minute details and in woodworking, whereas production woodworking deals with products that are made using plans and make the job a lot quicker since details are not involved. We will be discussing the types of woodworking in detail. Following are some of the different kinds of woodworking that you should know about.

Sawmills Woodworking

For people who do not know, sawmills woodworking basically involves in the most basic woodwork i.e. cutting of wood so that they can be in a shape where people are able to make something out of it.

Furniture Woodworking

Now this is the woodworking type in which people take various pieces of wood to make furniture for themselves, mostly tables, chairs, dressed and kitchen cabinets are the basic ones.

Cabinetry Woodworking

Even though making kitchen cabinets is already covered in furniture woodworking, but there is an entire subtype of woodworking that is dedicated solely to making cabinets for kitchens and other parts of the house.

Architectural woodworking

This type of woodworking is dedicated to making wooden doors, windows and other architectural products.